Friday, December 23, 2011

December iphone pictures....

Wow-eee December always chews me up and spits me out....but in a good way!! We have had birthdays, engagement parties, friend Christmas parties, church programs, family dinners, and lots and lots of wrapping!  How about a tour of the month via my iPhone.....

Midnight shopping at Target

Me and Jaclyn, mommies gone wild

Jackson met Santa at Jarrod work Christmas tears
Guess they needed a nap after their shenanagans....Lexi(yellow) has truly submitted to Kona
Holiday Decor in my house


'6 month' check up actually 6.5 months

Sweet sleeper....loves his left side like his mommy

Scott Family Christmas on my husbands side.....DELISH

Been so blessed with Christmas cards

My MIL finished my board with a real chalk board!! LOVE!

Grandma Jan and Santa Jackson

First taste of a lemon...he actually liked it

Well, thanks for reading, or should I say looking.  The pictures are truly my favorite reason for owning an iPhone.  Great for capturing split second moments!  How is your December going?