Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall TV

Mommyhood has made me a master of the DVR.  I decided my brain was beginning to turn to mush so I started the blog and 'rekindled' my relationship with my Kindle (like my word play?!?!).  As Jackson gets older I find myself watching TV a little less which is a good thing but let me tell you....I LOVE me some Fall TV!! All the good shows make their appearance or glorious return in the Fall.  Guess what that means....the DVR is set and I am going to resume my position of DVR master!  For your viewing pleasure I thought I'd let you know some of the new shows that I am watching.

New Girl is funny and full of witty lines! Only 30 min long.  Its more a 'me' show.  Jarrod isn't very interested.  PG-13 from what I can tell.

Up All Night.  It's like someone put a camera up in my house and made a show of it.  I think a lot of new mommies will feel this way when they watch it.  It is sooo funny and something BOTH J and I like! PG from what I can tell.  Only 30 mins.

Revenge - drama, scandal, and suspense.  I am liking this one! Jarrod says its your men probably won't like it either.  Too bad for them!  PG-13/R - Nothing explicit thus far, just not for kids or tweens. 1 hour.

With all this said, I fully understand that TV will get harder for Jarrod and I to watch as Jackson gets older.  Nothing that is on past the 8pm hour is really suitable for 'family' TV.  I have to ask, what ever happened to the TGIF shows like Family Matters, Full House, Boy Meets World?  Or the Sunday night family movie on ABC with all the Disney films??  I have a feeling our future family nights will not be spent in front of a wholesome show like the family nights of my childhood.  I know Veggietales, Backyardagins and Disney will be taking over soon enough!

Happy Fall TV everyone! What are the new shows that you are watching?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Power outages, a baby and new mercies

Since becoming a mommy, the phrase 'can I get a redo' has left my mouth more than it used to!  This morning was no exception....not only was it a Monday but I needed a redo.  Jackson sleeps until about 9 or 9:30am and I have come to cherish my morning times.  I will get up around 7 or 7:30 to give myself about 2 hours of 'me time'.  I am still running a small dairy so pumping is a part of my early morning 'me time' but like they all say...this too shall pass.  Anyways, I got all settled in this morning as usual, opened my Bible and clicked on the machine....5 mins into it, it stopped....I looked at it in horror thinking, I have pumped so many dang times that I broke it!!  Not good.  Then it resurrected itself as if God called it back to life (wave of relief) but then died immediately (panic)....picture this happening all while I am hooked up...HAHAHAHA - on, off, on, off.  Why didn't I take the darn things off?  Good grief!!  It took me a few minutes to realize the pump was not dying (Praise Jesus) THE POWER WAS GOING OUT....actually by this point the power WAS out (Lord help me)!!!

*Excuse me PG&E.....I have to make my son's breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

What proceeded to happen next was truly just that of dominos....House alarm started beeping that the back up battery was being started barking at my fall scarecrow sitting in the dining room (really dog?!?!), baby is now awake and crying, I still have to pump, dog is still barking....can you picture my Monday thus far.  Ok, this mommy had to get it together and figure out how I was gonna finish makin' breakfast for the upset baby in the next room!! 

Maybe I could put him in the swing...NO, that requires electricity
Maybe I could turn on Baby Einstein....NO, that requires electricity
Maybe I will just turn his noise maker up to lull him back to sleep....NO, that requires electricity

WHAT DID MOMMIES DO BEFORE ELECTRICITY??  This morning reminded me why the Lord wrote my story for the 21st century, I would not have survived any other era!! 

Finally my brain started to overcome the chaos....I have an AC adaptor for my pump in my car!!  THAT'S IT!! I hauled my pump out to my dark garage (power is out remember) and climbed in the front seat.  I felt terrible for being in the garage while my baby fussed in his crib but nursing mommies know that the milk will not wait!  Half way through my pump session I ran into the house to binkie him and make sure he was ok then back out to the garage to finish.  One word - CIRCUS!  I am happy to report that 20 minutes later, 2 binkie breaks and the help of my 4 horse power engine breakfast was done.

I sat in my car this morning and said, Lord, I need a redo.  Guess what He said....'my mercies are new every morning' Lamentations 3:22-24.  I (we) get a redo every morning!!  I (we) get a fresh start with each new sunrise.  Now granted the sun had already rose on this day but I believe God can give us a redo anytime we ask and believe Him for it on top of providing them to us each morning!! How gracious is He.  With two feet standing firm on that promise, I felt power despite my powerless house.  With that promise on the forefront of my thinking, I had set my sights on the God of redo's and my morning started to turn around.  Jesus makes everything better, don't you agree?!?!  

Hey PG&E......can the next power outage wait until I am done pumping?!?!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 'yeses' that matter

We dedicated Jackson to the Lord this past Sunday.  Well, the way I see it, we actually dedicated Jackson BACK to the Lord for it is he that gave him to us in the first place. 

The Pastor asked us.....
Will you raise this child up to love the church.....YES
Will you raise this child up to know God's word....YES
Will you raise this child up to live for God....YES
Will you stay married for this child....YES

We said YES without hesitation.  We stood with family, friends and our church and said YES to God's will for our son.  It was a beautiful moment.  I couldn't help but think about the last time a 'yes' meant this much to me.  My mind went to August 1, 2009.  On our wedding day we each said 'yes' when the Pastor asked us if we'd have each other in marrige, but that yes was said by each of us individually.  On Sunday, we said yes together, in unison, over the matters of our son.  A memory that will be tucked in the sweet places of my heart forever.

Jackson has been entrusted to us but his story has been written by God whom has no boundaries.  There is no one who can dream as big for my son as the God who made him.  I needed to be reminded that Jackson's story is already written and my job is to help sharpen him for all that God has planned for him.  I am ready in a new way to raise Jackson and it is so exciting.

On this day I will write this Scripture in his baby book, 2 Corinthians 1:20 says that 'for no matter how many promises God has made, they are YES in Christ.  An so through him, the 'Amen' is spoken by us to the glory of God'.

Jackson, all the God has promised in his Word is yours to have in Christ.  May we loose on earth what has been loosed in heaven!! AMEN!

These are the yeses that matter.

Pastor Dan praying over Jackson

Such a special day for our family (4months old)


Friday, September 16, 2011

More Things I Love

Now that The Boss is 4 months old there are some new things that I love!!

MAM Pacifiers - Jackson is using the 2+ month ones.  He can hold them in his mouth very easily and they are orthodontia friendly.

Fisher Price Swing (still) - a swing is a new mommies best friend.  I plan on using it till he reaches the weight capacity.

Baby Einstein Play Mat - J loves all the colors and things hanging. It has helped him learn to reach for things.  His little feet kick the rattle ball on the bottom right of the canopy and when he hears it I swear he kicks it again to hear it more.

Baby Einstein Baby Mozart Video - who knew a still picture of a lemon or raindrop with music in the background could be so entertaining but for his learning mind, ears and eyes it has FUN written all over it.  I am a pumping mommy so having him watch this while I pump has been so helpful (I limit him to only once a day).  J's right side of his head is flat, way flat so I lay him on the left side with blankets propping him up so his left side gets action while he watches.
Bright Starts block set (J loves the 'crinkle' sounding ones) - love love love these.  The crinkle sounds are the best.  He is learning how to use him fingers when grabbing these.

Bright Starts Giraffe - this is probably his favorite if I had to choose based on usage.  This toy keeps his attention.  He currently loves the plastic parts hanging, they are good for chewing.

And last but not least......Sophie Le Giraffe - She is the best.  Easy for his learning fingers to grasp.  He has learned how to grab her and put her in his mouth.  Perfect teething toy.  She is easy to clean too!!

Well, those are my 4 month finds that are winners in my book!!

Got any recommendations for us for the upcoming months??

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy 4 months Son

Dear Jackson,

Son you are 4 months!! Most mommies say 'already' but I say FINALLY!! I love that you are getting older.  I understand you better with each day gained!!  You are one sweet little man and I love spending my days with you.  I have enjoyed getting to know you more over this last month and look forward to the next!

You eat 4.25 ounces during the day and 4.75 right before bed
You are sleeping 10pm-5am and then back down till 9:30 - PTL!
You are better at tummy time and often roll to the right when you no longer want to be on your tummy
You have a temper
You fight sleep and always look like there are toothpicks holding your eye lids up
You know my voice and daddy's
Your face lights up when Dad comes home from work
You still sleep in a Velcro blanket - PTL!
You are in a size 2 diaper
You smile when people sing silly songs to you
You have no problem letting us know when you are done with something
You weigh 15.7 lbs
You are being dedicated to the Lord on Sunday
You bring so much joy to your daddy and me

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flirty, Thirty and Thriving....well minus the flirty

The tag line from the movie 13 going on 30 kept coming to mind as I celebrated my 30th birthday this past weekend!!  I say minus the flirty because I really don't fall under that category anymore unless you consider batting my eyelashes at a 4 month old to get him to smile to be 'flirty'.  In that case......I am still flirty!  I still can't believe I am 30, 3-0, Treinta (that is 30 in Spanish).  The years 27 and 28 lagged but 29 flew...I think its because I spent most of it pregnant.  I would expect being a human crockpot to drastically slow down anyones' year but for me it passed by fast.  I think I also have my mom to thank for my ability to embrace each year gained.  I never saw her fret over turning another year older, she accepted it so gracefully, so thanks Mom.  

I kinda look at my 20's like a game of golf.  You got the 'front 9' and the 'back 9' and together it makes your overall score for the course.  My 'front 9' did not have a very promising fact I spent most of it in one sand trap after another.  Oh, but the 'back 9', the beautiful 'back 9' had such a better score.  I'd say it was full of eagles, birdies and pars.  I have my Redeemer to thank for that.  To my front 9 I would say, Praise the Lord 'who works ALL things for good according to his purpose' Romans 8:28 and to my back 9 I would say Praise the Lord 'who can do immeasurable more that I ask, or imagine, according to his power that is at work within me' Philippians 3:20.  He did immeasurably more that I could have imagined.... I graduated college, met and married my husband, had my first child, saw many wonderful friends get married, saw many babies be born, settled into a church, started a bible study for women at my home and if I wanted to, the list could go on and on.

I am excited about 30 because Job 12 says 'is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?'  Since this is the case, I say bring on the age and bring on the long life because I want WISDOM!!  Now that I am a mommy, I would trade age for wisdom in a hot second.  I am always envious of the things my elders say or have said to me; its so full of perspective and experience.  It creates in me such a moment of clarity and I pray I am able to do that for my children someday.

James 4 tells me that I 'have not because I ask not'.  Lord give me wisdom, your kind of wisdom, that I might better raise my children and show them more of you.

James 1 says that 'if any of us lacks wisdom, ask God, who give generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to us'  Lord, thank you that by the Cross, I am worthy to receive this kind of wisdom.  Create in me a clean heart that I might better use the wisdom I ask for.  Thank you for being so generous to me, I know that without you, I could not do anything.

Scripture is telling me that I did not have to wait till 30 to start asking for wisdom but for some reason it is the year in which I realize its worth.  I cannot wait to see what God and I do together during this next decade.  I am thirty and thriving.

On this birthday, I ask for wisdom and I do it for my son.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To KINDLE my love for reading

I read on this:

I never thought I would read electronically because I LOVE the smell of a new book and the crack of a new spine when you first open it up.  I love looking at a full bookcase, it makes me feel accomplished.  I am one of those sick individuals that makes lists that contain tasks I have already completed just so I can cross them off.  A bookcase is a big task list that I get to display for all who come into my house to see! I smile proudly when people comment on how full it is.  Sick I know.  I was running out of space and with the new baby I knew my space was going to shrink even more - enter the Amazon Kindle.  For a book lover like myself, it was a tough switch at the very beginning but now I am a full blown out electronic reader and I love it. 

These are a few reasons why I love my Kindle
  1. I can have ANY book I want and I never have to leave my couch.  The books I buy are delivered to my Kindle within seconds of my ordering it. 
  2. I can have the newest books at a FRACTION of the cost.  The book I am reading now is brand new, hardback price is $24.99, Kindle price $8.84....SOLD!   
  3. I never have to shove a bulky hard back book into my purse again.  My Kindle fits perfectly anywhere without taking up a whole lot of space or making my purse heavier than it already is (hauling baby stuff all the day makes this feature a big deal!). 
  4. I love to know how much I have read and how much is left...have no fear, this is not lost! The Kindle tells you how much of the book you have tackled....when I see 90% at the bottom of the screen I feel victorious!
  5. All my books are stored either on my Kindle or in my Amazon account need to buy an extra bookshelf I don't have room for.
Have I convinced you to buy one yet?? I feel like Amazon should pay me in free books for my endorsement!!  Happy Reading!