Thursday, December 13, 2012

We are not supposed to do it all....just do our best! GREAT ARTICLE!

My fellow pregnant friend and I were talking about the nerves that rattle a little  a lot before your baby arrives.  She has a few more nerves than me at the moment because it is her first and this is my second (I already know she (and I) won't mess everything up even though she doesn't know it yet).

I read this article ''Why Your are Not Failing as A Mother'  thanks to my friend Becky and loved the crazy truth behind it.  We never fail in the roll of mommy as long as we are doing all the things we can to raise good kids.

Keep going fellow Mommy-friend! God paired us with our children to better the world, lets agree with Him in confidence.

Happy Reading!!

He is probably crabbin' in this picture but I see a smile.....don't you?!

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